Medical Package : Total Hip Replacement Surgery (One Leg)

  Total hip replacement surgery is a procedure done to replace all or part of the hip joint with an artificial hip joint or prostheses in order to restore movement. The prosthesis consists of
  •   A metal shell with an inner plastic lining that replaces the hip socket (acetabulum)  · 
  •   A metal ball that will replace the fractured femoral (thigh bone) head   
  •   A metal stem that is attached to the shaft of the bone to add stability to the prosthesis

      Operation room charges: Use of operation room,  Surgeon, Assistant Surgeon, Anesthetist and Nursing Care
  •   Accommodations: Accommodations for 2 nights stay in Hospital (Private Room)
  •   Laboratory Testing: Routine Laboratory Tests  
  •   Radiological Services: Chest X-ray and Other Digital Imaging (if required)
  •   Cardiology Studies: EKG (if required)
  •   Medications:  Routine Medications
  •   Medical Supplies: Routine supplies, none prosthesis
  •   Attending Patient: The fee of one person attending the patient during the stay in the hospital
  •   Physicians' fees: Fees for Orthopedics surgeon and orthopedics team
  •   The package is provided by Bent- al hoda hospital Health Tourism unit.
  •   Treatment Package Excludes:
  •    • Charges for inpatient stay in excess of 2 Nights in the hospital
  •   • Extra stay in ICU (More than 1 night)
  •   • Items of a personal nature such as in-room soft drinks, telephone charges and guest meals
      • Dialyze Charge and Endocrinologist fee for Diabetic patient