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Urology Dept
This Dept, equipped with advanced equipments, offer the possibility of various surgeries as well as endoscopic procedures. The presence of a great number of university professors working in this highly demanding dept. has changed it into one of the first centers of performing urology surgeries. The surgeries done in this Dept. include breaking up of kidney stone, prostate surgery, cytoscopy, cystoplasty, etc. Also, the hospital having a lithotripter offers the possibility to treat the patients that need WSWL.

Dr.Mahdavi ( Reza)4th Building, 1st parastar St.+98 511
Dr.Abbaszadeh ( Gholamreza)Kimya Building, Ibn Sina, Imam Reza hospital sq+98 511
Dr.Hashemi ( Farid)Sardari Building, shahid Davoudi St.,Ghouchan+98 511
Dr.Daei ( Vahid)Sepehr Building , 1st Parastar St.+98 511
Dr.Javad ( Alireza)Number 1/30, 2nd Aref St.+98 511
Dr.Aliakbarzadeh ( Amirreza)2nd floor, 20th Building, 1st Parastar St.+98 511
Dr.Aghasizadeh ( Farid)Aftab Building , Imam Reza Sq+98 511
Dr.Mohammadzadeh Rezaee ( Mohammad Ali)4th Building , 1st Parastar St. +98 511
Dr.Imani ( Mahdi)Bent Al-Hoda Clinic+98 511
Dr.Ahmadnia ( Hassan)6th kohsangi St.+98 511
Dr.Rahmani ( Mahdi)Baharan Building, Imam Reza Hospital Sq+98 511
Dr.Sharif Kashani ( Shohreh)No. 9, Between 1 & 3 Parastar St.+98 511
Dr.Motamed Shariatee ( Mohsen)NO.20, 1st Parastar St.+98 511
Dr.Samadi ( Majid)Sama Building , 1st Parastar St.+98 511
Dr.Farzin ( Mahmoud)Negin Complex, 1st Parastar St.+98 511